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We help companies improve performance with modern online training that employees and customers love. We can also help you get the most out of the training platform you have or help you adopt a new one.

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We are now a Groundhogg CRM Certified Partner

Education Services LLC is now a Certified Partner with Groundhogg CRM. This enables us to deliver highly customized marketing solutions that are seamlessly integrated with our customers training and service platforms.

Customer Showcase: Bryan Miller's School for Good Living

Education Services LLC is proud to have been selected by Bryan Miller and his School for Good Living to enhance their revolutionary 36-week Life's Best Practices coaching program through enhancements to course content and the company's custom online learning platform.

Premium Domains for Sale

We have released a selection of premium internet domain names from our private portfolio for public sale on The collection includes more than 450 unique internet domains including many 5, 6, 7, and 8 character “.com” names and several collections of related names. Some collections include registered trademarks including EdFocus and GenEdAcademy.


Training is typically riddled with lengthy slide decks, extensive reading, and unnecessary redundancy. We propose something different.

Our approach dismantles existing training to repackage it in such a way that learners enjoy consuming the material. With our guiding principles, learners retain more than traditional methods have offered, and companies achieve greater success with well-trained consumers and employees.

While there are numerous companies that create training programs and specialized curriculum, and others that host such services on various platforms, we are unique in the sense that we can and do provide both.

If you have questions regarding our company, give us a call at 801-810-8201. Our understanding of the programs, platforms, and practices around training development and delivery allows us to design every aspect of your training experience for the best results.


Online Learning

We design and create student-centered online training courses. We can work with you to make any topic interesting, interactive, and effective for the self-directed learner. You won't find pages of boring text or lengthy video lectures here. Everything is carefully designed to ensure your learners can glean the information they need without losing interest in the training.

Blended Learning

We design courses that combine self-paced and instructor-led training. In these blended learning environments, students learn as much as possible on their own, allowing them to spend more time interacting with instructors or hands-on practice and certification. This approach saves time and allows more time for advanced topics during in-person training.

Educational Technology

We help organizations understand their requirements and form a unified vision. Then we evaluate, select, and implement solutions that best meet those needs. We are experienced with learning platforms, content authoring, assessment, social, administration, membership, and other education and training solutions.

Performance Management

We can take your performance management to a new level. Our approach to continuous performance management, combined with well-designed micro learning modules, will meld your employee training and existing practices into a seamless experience where everyone can achieve their potential to become a high performer.

Guiding Principles

Learning science and our personal experiences have taught us a few things about how learning works and how to create great student experiences that lead to good outcomes. We refer to these as our guiding principles and they influence everything we do.

Contact us today to see how we can help your employees and customers.

Education Services LLC

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