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Online training for the thousands of volunteers who partner with CFF each year to plan and execute significant community events.

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Colonial Flag Foundation helps community groups and other non profit organizations plan and execute significant community events known as Healing Fields and Fields of Honor. To date they are responsible for more than 840 events that have raised more than $42 million dollars for local charities and touched the lives of more than 50 million people.

Colonial Flag Foundation used to train committee members and volunteers using binders of printed materials and through one-on-one conversations. CFF engaged Education Services to help them modernize the training program, to make it more accessible and scalable so that committee members and volunteers can access it online, at any time, on any device.

The project initially included evaluation of commercial cloud-hosted learning platforms. After extensive review, CFF determined their customers would be best served by seamlessly integrating the training program into their WordPress-based customer portal rather than linking out to a separate commercial platform. Education Services then built a custom learning platform and integrated it into the website.

Training content was developed as a collaborative effort. Education Services provided instructional design and learning engineering services, established content authoring best practices, created initial versions of the training modules, and then trained CFF staff so they can perform ongoing maintenance and updates on their own.

Q&A with Paul Swenson

In this video, Paul Swenson, Colonial Flag Founder and CEO, tells about his vision, experience, and recommendations after going through the full training development process with Education Services LLC.

Training Format

This training program is fully mobile responsive HTML5, meaning the content will reflow to present well on any desktop or mobile device. This allows learners to access the training whenever and wherever it's most convenient for them.

The online training covers the essential information that each learner needs to know to fulfill their responsibilities, and it is supplemented, as needed, with specific guidance from the Colonial Flag Foundation staff.


The development methodology for this project was based on the SAM model and Rapid Prototyping. The process was highly collaborative and iterative, transforming existing pdf training materials and SME knowledge into a straightforward, user-friendly course.

Watch this video to see how our methodology guided this project.

User Experience

Transforming the training from compilations of documents into an online program integrated into their existing membership portal has been well-received by both the Colonial Flag Foundation staff and the volunteers they train.

Watch the video to learn more about how this solution works for their trainees, and hear from one of their trainees about her experience.

Examples From The Training

Several examples from the actual training course are included below. Contact us for a guided demonstration.

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