Learning Platforms

We are experienced with quite a few learning platforms and our approach lends itself well to adapting to the unique requirements of our customers. This means we will gladly embrace your existing learning platform, design standards, and authoring tools, as needed.

The Platform You Have

Our core development approach is platform agnostic, meaning that our authoring tools support publishing our final work product as SCORM or xAPI (Tin Can), for use with virtually all learning management systems including reporting on student usage and completion, or native HTML5 format for integration with conventional web sites, non-LMS intranet systems, and for running locally such as when training occurs in locations that do not have network access.

The Platform You Need

We can also help organizations that do not yet have an established learning platform. We have experience leading successful platform selections for businesses, associations, and universities. With more than 3,000 learning platforms in the market, we can help you sort through the noise and quickly arrive at a short list of 2 or 3 for your consideration. We can also assist with contract negotiations and implementation.

Custom Platform Development

Whether extending an existing platform or creating a new custom solution based on open standards and reusable components, we have the technical and business skills, experience, and tools needed when requirements call for a solution not readily available in the marketplace. 

Check out the Showcase page for two examples where we built and delivered custom learning platforms tailored exactly to the unique needs of our customers.

Platform Operations

Your learning platform needs to be deployed, secured, monitored, upgraded, enhanced, patched, backed up, and so forth. We can support you in the public cloud, private cloud, GovCloud, on-premises, or even with local installations on laptops and tablets. 

Today we maintain learning platforms for multiple customers on public and private cloud infrastructure. We currently help customers with fully managed solutions, project-based services, and on-demand "helping hands" assistance.