Below are three excellent and very different examples of our work:
First, a drone pilot training course built for Aeryon Labs / Aeryon Defense USA.
Second, the committee member and volunteer training course built for Colonial Flag Foundation.
Third, Life's Best Practices online coaching program for Bryan Miller's School for Good Living.

Aeryon Logos 120h

Aeryon Labs / Aeryon Defense USA

Basic Flight Controls

Drone pilot training and certification program for military, law enforcement, public safety, and energy sectors. Training includes simulations, pseudo-simulations, formal and informal assessment of skills and knowledge, and is deployed both online and locally on laptops. We also provide ongoing production support and management of AWS-hosted simulators, including auto-scaling policies, security patches, and version management.

Logo Healingfield 120h

Colonial Flag Foundation

CFF FirstFieldOfFlags

Collaborative development exercise to create online training for the thousands of volunteers who partner with Colonial Flag Foundation each year to plan and execute significant community events known as Healing Fields and Fields of Honor. This project included development of an online training program, training their staff to take over ongoing maintenance of the training content, and integrating a platform into their existing website.

SGL PrimaryHorizontal RGB OnWhite

Bryan Miller's School for Good Living

Student Dashboard

Consulting engagement to quickly identify opportunities to improve engagement and user experience for participants and coaches in the Life's Best Practices online group coaching program. The project included interviews with stakeholders and past participants, rapid prototyping, collaborative prioritization, then implementation of enhancements to the custom learning platform and creation of an exemplar course.

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While these are two expansive examples of the work we can do, our work is relevant to business in many different industries.

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