Bryan Miller and his School for Good Living selects Education Services LLC to enhance their revolutionary Life's Best Practices guided coaching program

Innovative 36-week course and online learning platform improved through learning engineering

Helping People Create a Life of Happiness, Meaning, and Contribution


Bryan Miller and his School for Good Living selects Education Services LLC to assist with enhancements to their Life's Best Practices guided coaching program and online learning platform.

SALT LAKE CITY - April 4, 2019 - Education Services LLC is proud to have been selected by Bryan Miller and his School for Good Living to enhance their revolutionary 36-week Life's Best Practices coaching program through enhancements to course content and the company's custom online learning platform. 

Before this project began, School for Good Living (SGL) had already fully-developed the base content for their Life's Best Practices (LBP) program, and thoughtfully organized it into 18 micro-learning courses that parallel the chapters of Bryan's forthcoming book by the same name. The core content and instructional design of the program and courses was solid but the learning experience was too book-like and did not yet satisfy Bryan's vision for the program.

A member of the SGL Coaches Coalition recommended inviting Education Services to evaluate the program and apply principles of learning science and learning engineering to improve the user experience and participant engagement by enhancing the training content and learning platform.

"Bryan has dedicated himself to helping others find happiness and reach their potential. His Life's Best Practices online group coaching program is thoughtfully designed to reach as many people as possible. We are honored to work with him and help move his program a little closer towards his vision."  -- Steve Klingler, Founder of Education Services LLC

Learning engineering is the confluence of learning science, learning technology, and instructional design. In practical terms that means going beyond traditional instructional design to include intentional consideration of human-computer interaction through UI/UX and modern learning technology, thoughtful application of data and analytics, and learning science informed strategies such as metacognition, integrated practice, immediate feedback, personalization, and gamification.

After consultation with Bryan and his staff, interviews with past participants and active coaches, and rapid iteration through design concepts and prototypes, Education Services presented a collection of recommendations to improve course design through integration of practice activities, knowledge checks, and by embedding the reflection and writing assignments within the lessons. Recommended improvements to the WordPress-based learning platform included: refinement of the login and dashboard pages with elements of gamification and personalization, persistent visibility of course progress and navigation, ability to review prior responses at any time, and the ability to increase or decrease font size and color scheme to ensure all users can engage the content comfortably on any device.

SGL retained Education Services to implement the recommended platform enhancements and enhancements to the first course, to serve as an exemplar and reference for use by SGL staff as they update the remaining courses.

"Steve and his team at Education Services were able to quickly evaluate our program and online platform, identify opportunities to improve the user experience and program efficacy for our coaches and participants, then used working prototypes to explain each recommendation. They helped us quickly improve our product and we learned a lot in the process."  -- Bryan Miller, Founder of School for Good Living
Portrait of Bryan Miller, Founder of the School for Good Living and board member at Larry H. Miller Group of Companies
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About Bryan Miller and the School for Good Living (

Bryan Miller is the founder of the School for Good Living. He also serves as a board member and Executive Director of Culture for the Larry H. Miller Group of Companies, created a Legacy Family Coaching program, authored "Behind the Drive" and written the soon to be published "Life's Best Practices" books.

The Life's Best Practices online group coaching program helps participants create a life of happiness, meaning, and contribution. Throughout the 36-week course, participants learn to develop clarity about their personal priorities and purpose, maximize productivity, and to appreciate and enjoy every moment of every day, love fully, and live well.

The 36-week online group coaching course is organized into three sections:

  1. Power: Live with clarity about who you are, what you want, and why you're here.
  2. Productivity: Do more, in less time, with less stress and more fun.
  3. Peace: Appreciate and enjoy every moment of every day; love fully and live well.

For additional information about Bryan Miller and the School for Good Living, visit and

About Education Services LLC (

Education Services LLC is a professional services firm specializing in workforce training and performance management through use of applied learning science and modern learning technology. Services include consulting, program design, creation of online and blended learning programs, learning technology evaluation and selection, and development and operations of custom learning platforms. The company supports learning systems running in private and public cloud infrastructure and AWS GovCloud.

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